About Il Giardino

A gentle stroll down a quiet cobbled lane in Ubud leads to Il Giardino, tucked into the ornamental gardens of the historic Han Snel Gallery. This evocative restaurant blends the flavors of an Italian trattoria with the magic of an enchanted Balinese Garden and the sensual artworks of the famous Dutch painter. Soft sexy jazz mingled with Italian crooners sets the mood for this alluring restaurant clustered around ponds brimming with lotus flowers, pots filled with fresh herbs and gurgling water fountains. Balmy nights are ripe for romance as a gentle breeze carries the delicate perfume of tropical flowers, while the moon light peeps through the frangipani trees and candle wax drips over Chianti bottles.

Opened in August 2011, Il Giardino is the third restaurant by Kali, Ketut and Denise, the dynamic trio behind the Three Monkeys success story. Together they combine their unique passions and skills to create some of the island’s most evocative and enjoyable dining experiences.

Step into Il Giardino’s secret garden and you will be greeted like family – the warmth and friendliness of the staff an essential part of the experience. Chef Kali Sary combines her Mediterranean heritage and a life long love affair with Italy and a unique culinary flair to create a magical effect. Her story spans generations of cooks, bringing a rich, multi-cultural tapestry woven from the music of mandolins, sweets made from hand written recipes brought from the Greek isles, fresh seafood from Grandfather’s boat, vegetables grown from seeds carried years ago from Egypt, huge family Sunday feasts, homemade wine and ground breaking restaurants.

Campari cocktails at sunset, pesto ground from basil grown in the garden, gourmet pizza baked to perfection in the wood-fired oven, pappardelle with hearty lamb ragu, slow cooked risotto, sweet cannoli learned from her grandmother, to-die-for gnocchi and so much more. At Il Giardino the tradition lives on with Kali happily hosting customers from around the globe, her talent for creating inspired and innovative food, flair for design, passion for life, and love of music infusing every aspect of the restaurant.